My previous cars

Here’s a start for an overview of all the cars I’ve ever “owned”.

My very first car was a Datsun 1200 which I owned even before I had my drivers license. At the time I had a weekend job at the local Datsun dealership.

datsun 1200-2

Then I went for the more fuel economic Datsun Cherry 100A:

Datsun 100A

Next I went for space and comfort with the Peugeot 504. A real great car for long trips, but unfortunately quite rusty as well ;-(.

Peugeot 504 2

The next was actually one of my favorites, a Renault 16TX. A car with lots of features (sun roof, electric windows etc.) and great to drive on long trips. Unfortunately the engine wasn’t that robust.

Renault 16 TX 2

Next I went for a small practical and fuel-efficient car that was fun to drive. The Innocenti was based on the old Mini and ideal for driving around the city of Haarlem where I then lived.


In the mean time I started a project to rebuild an Austin Healey Sprite from a bunch of parts. I never got further than stripping the body and getting it completely prepared for re-building. Unfortunately I switched jobs and lost access to garage facilities so I had to sell the project. Hopefully the new owner got to finish the project with success.

Austin Healey Sprite

After selling the previous two, I decided to go for a convertible that was ready to drive, a Triumph Spitfire 1500TC. Great fun in the summer.

Triumph Spitfire 2

The Alfasud 1.5 was a fun car to drive, but unfortunately quite a rusty car as well. On one of my holidays (skiing in Austria) the shock absorbers gave up and we had to “bounce” our way back home….

Alfa Romeo Alfasud 2

My first company car was a Ford Sierra! And proud of it, even though it was a Ford 😉 Mine was black which made it quite a nice car…

Ford Sierra

Next company car was the great Audi 80; a revolutionary car at the time, well built and very comfortable and great to drive.

Audi 80 2

I was doing well at my work so I managed to get a “sporty Vectra” (as some called it). The Opel Calibra was quite exclusive when launched, but soon followed what had also happened with the Opel Manta and Ford Capri… When my wife saw a well-known football player drive one she started looking for a replacement.

Opel Calibra

Changing jobs I swapped the Calibra for the more accepted BMW 3-series. Great car, but it was one of the first of this series with lots of strange defects.

BMW 318

Family car now with more space, again an Audi 80, but now the Avant version. Great and reliable car.

Audi 80 Avant 2

Then the opportunity came to swap the Audi for a very spacey car; the Pontiac Transport II. Great space and very comfortable. Problem was it’s unreliable mechanical parts such as the engine and gearbox…

Pontiac Trans Sport 2

Now I went for reliable and solid; a Volvo 940. Easy to drive and very reliable.

Volvo 940

Next job but I stuck with Volvo, now a “golden chariot” version of the V70.

Volvo V70

The second V70 wasn’t a company car but one we had to pay in full ourselves. This was a great car for long distances with the best seats ever.

Volvo V70 II

A new job with a company where they required me to switch to a company car… Went for a compact VW Golf and kept the V70 along the side for the family.

Volkswagen Golf V

The next company I joined had a better arrangement for company cars so I went back to Audi, now for an A6. Again a solid car with great driving but less comfortable than my own Volvo V70.

Audi A6

The family car needed upgrading so we swapped the previous V70 for a new one. Black and fully loaded, with the same great seats 😉

Volvo V70 III

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