Erik on a bicycle!

Well, considering my physical condition it was wise to start with some activity/sports. I chose cycling because some of my friends actually managed to get me enthusiastic. My short term goal and wager is now to challenge the famous Mont Ventoux in France, where we’ll be close to during our vacation in early May. Realistically, I don’t think I’ll get to the top, but at least it’s something to work for…

Fortunately it was my birthday recently and Huguette gave me a very appropriate gift: a bicycle, as I didn’t yet have one suitable for serious stuff. Here’s a picture of it:


A very cool bike (a Specialized Secteur Comp), with the right level of comfort for somebody my age 😉

I went for a first spin together with my friend Nick last Sunday; Huguette couldn’t help laughing because of my outfit. Went well except for my lack of breath… In the mean time I’ve taken the bike for a couple of spins and things are getting better. Also my outfit has improved (I think).

More news to follow….